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In celebration of London Craft Week’s 10th Anniversary, design studio TM have collaborated with 3D motion design studio Found to create this year’s visual campaign for London Craft Week.

The poster and book are available for purchase here

The campaign composes of digitally ‘remixed’ vessels, working with material, lighting and form to create an ambitious collection of 1,000 unique objects.

TM worked closely with Found to explore ways in which their tools and systems could offer variety at the level and quantity that would exploit the latest developments in digital printing. By printing digitally, they were able to mirror the flexibility of digital image-

making with each book being one of a kind. And, in doing do, embodied the position London Craft Week has held in the world of craft as a pedestal for the diversity of craft — something that one single hero image would ever achieve.

Working with Leeds-based printers Team, every cover of the London Craft Week fair guide was digitally printed on the latest HP Indigo machine using Fedrigoni digital paper.