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Imbuing a British company with the honesty of its historical past.

Mylands are a luxury paint manufacturer founded in 1884 in London. As a family business, now in its fifth generation, it has an incredible history providing paints for film, television and even the army during the World Wars. The old brand identity didn't echo the inherent quality in Mylands paints, which contains super fine ground marble powder to make it one of the most matte pigments on the market. This, accompanied by the sumptuous range of colours, led us to the positioning line 'House of Colour', to cement its position within the sector as the arbiter of colour. From a brand identity perspective, we studied the history of the company, including early iterations of Mylands' shop signage from the 19th century to help inform our direction with the brand.

We also took inspiration from other archetype British typefaces form the early 20th century to develop a logotype that felt more in keeping with the company's story. We also unearthed and updated a symbol which is proudly emblazoned across the marketing collateral. On the rest of the suite of material, we were keen to differentiate from its competitors by introducing a raw metal tin which shines from the shelf, along with a more bold set of colours to use on chip charts and specifying tools. This project was carried out in collaboration with Sarah Miller & Partners.