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KURZ Collection

We redefined the foil swatch book with a beautifully functional and minimal new collection.




  • 2021
  • 2023

Taking shape as a square foil-wrapped book constructed from Fedrigoni papers with lay-flat glue binding, the KURZ Collection features 55 of the company’s finest foils, curated specifically for the UK’s design industry. This collection is the beginning of a series of swatch books and other promotional pieces for Kurz that will act as essential tools for any creative or specifier.

The purpose of this project was to realign KURZ with a key target market – the design community. KURZ was established as a business to produce gold leaf and to this day their materials are used to give a sense of luxury and discerning sophistication.

Despite this, however, their marketing has done very little to express that and have forced the company to exist in the blind spot of the design industry for many years.

The design of the swatch book is minimally but enigmatically crafted with two key elements; type and shape. The typographic choice of Neue Haas Unica provides a robust foundation for the design, giving it a timeless function and sophistication. It’s paired with a rectangle, which with its central positioning throughout the book, is used as a graphic device to champion and showcase each of the 55 foils.