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Fedrigoni 365 2020

To commemorate the 2020 leap year, this calendar includes designs by 366 leading UK-based creatives. The result is a compendium of work from the very best of UK creativity with each participant contributing a piece that interprets the numeral or date that was provided at random.

Fedrigoni 366 is a multi-coloured book employing the full family of 16 colours from the Woodstock paper range. Each cover features a different colour from the range, with the text pages containing an assortment of every colour available. With a hefty 400 pages and measuring 166x220mm the book features an innovative 8 page double wrapped cover that serves to bulk up the heaviest weight of Woodstock without having to laminate multiple sheets.

Woodstock is an uncoated recycled paper with 80% pre-consumer recycled waste and 20% FSC certified virgin fibre. It was introduced to the UK market in 16 colours and 7 weights for 2020.