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Repositioning an institution in the world of product and interiors.

Aram is where the discerning furniture enthusiast will seek out the finest of modern furniture. Founded in 1964 in London, Aram is credited for introducing modern furniture to the UK and has played an important part in the development, appreciation and availability of many iconic products from across the world. We worked with Aram to refine and reposition their brand. Known for their incredible 5-storey showroom on Drury Lane, it was important that any work we did took into account the one-of-a-kind space that the company inhabits.

We began by redrawing the logotype, creating a more balanced and elegant logo. We then introduced a wealth of colour and materials to the marketing suite to emulate the peak level of quality of their products and their services. This ranged from shopping bags, to product information stands and store signage. We continue to work with Aram on a project-by-project basis as we flex the breadth of the new brand.